The Best GrooveFunnels Review 2023

If you’re involved in the world of digital marketing, you’ve probably learned about ClickFunnels, the landing page builder that has been pioneering online sales funnels.  

ClickFunnels has earned a moderately big reputation once it began establishing itself and growing into one of the most extensive marketing SaaS (Software as a Service) companies in the market. It’s no surprise ClickFunnels has advanced sufficiently in such a short time frame. 

With that in mind, ClickFunnels has invigorated many other SaaS and Funnel companies to try to compete in the ever-expanding digital marketing landscape. As beginner users gain experience, they’ll start to recognize other brands and competitors, such as Karta, Builderall, InstaPage, Wix, LeadPages, etc.  

When you are asking questions like groovefunnels vs kajabi, it’s the wrong question.

For anyone looking for an exclusive alternative, You Can Get Yourself Lifetime Access To A Free GrooveSell & GrooveFunnels Account  
groovefunnels logo
Groovefunnels logo

Included with your GrooveFunnels free account is lifetime access to the following:

STARTUP Plan Includes

This Plan Is  FREE! – No credit card required. No trial period.

  • Email marketing to your contacts
  • Unlimited custom domains
  • Unlimited pages hosting
  • Multiple gateways including GroovePay, Stripe, PayPal, and more…
  • Unlimited import pages
  • Unlimited share funnels
  • Unlimited templates
  • Unlimited integrations
  • Unlimited products
  • Unlimited ecommerce stores
  • Membership site platform
  • Professional marketing videos
  • Blogging platform

Along with that you’ll have access to other Groovefunnels bonuses.

In this GrooveFunnels Review, we go deep into the excellent features and identify inadequate peculiarities to determine if GrooveFunnels is a legitimate business marketing software worth investing in, or just all talk. From the various apps accessible, the tiers, the innovations, upgrades, future updates, and I’ll delve into the essence of GrooveFunnels and Groove’s Products—what it is, the positives and the negatives, the features, customer service, and so on. 

For starters, I believe GrooveFunnels has the potential to blow Clickfunnels out of the water and based on what they are doing right now…They are well on their way to dominating their market. 

To back that belief up, many marketers may not disagree with the fact that GrooveSell is similar to the ClickBank, Zaxaa, WarriorPlus, PaykickStart, SamCart and JVZoo platforms and has the potential to give those guys a run for their money. 

GrooveFunnels is owned by Mike Filsaime, a pioneer in our industry, and now he’s released GrooveSell & GrooveFunnels, …and he’s giving it out for free. 

There is no denying that Funnel SaaS’ is in demand, but does that mean that Groove is where you should invest your money? Exactly how credible are the people in this company? 

If you’ve been in the digital marketing space, you’ll want to know how robust this platform will be and if it’s exclusivity will be long-lasting enough to add to your essential tools.   

Whether you choose to utilize these apps for business or not, they provide outstanding service, and anyone in e-commerce and online marketing will, at one point or another, be familiar with it. If you’re curious about what we’ve decided to rank GrooveApps, it’s a solid 4 Stars. Even with a few drawbacks, the tools and platform overall are powerful and have so much more potential. Continue reading to discover what you need to determine if this is for you! 

What is a Funnel and How Do Sales Funnels Work 

A brief recap on funnels before going on with this GrooveFunnels Review.  

In the world of marketing, there are producers and consumers. Consumers decide which products they would like to purchase; there is a process they go through before they determine whether or not to make that next buy. For business, it’s a process that allows you to turn new customers, or cold traffic, into costumers. This is what is known as a marketing funnel.  

A funnel helps get people through the sales process. All traffic is prospective customers, and it is up to you to convert them.   

You want to build relationships with them, so they become repeat customers who buy at your front, middle, and backend of the funnels (or systems) that you create. 

They arrive at your site, begin looking around, check things out, your website is well crafted, and your content is top-notch! 

Unfortunately, that alone is not sufficient to turn those visitors into customers. No funnels and systems mean no checkouts.  

Pretty much, it’s like having a store where customers are shopping around but have no idea where to find the register to check out. Since there was no register to make the purchase, they decide to leave without buying and move on with their lives.   

When shopping in person, the salesman can influence a sale by providing information and even allowing the customer to interact with the product.   

In a digital landscape, not only is the distance a factor but so is the attention span of your customer base.  

This is why the concept of funnels has been a game-changer. By using your digital tools and principles of psychology, you can appeal to your customers to bring that traffic closer and closer to the checkout and payment pages.  

If the idea of this sounds impressive, you’re right—it’s become a massive opportunity for both online marketing companies and marketers alike. Not only did Russell Brunson prosper by selling ClickFunnels technology, but he also did it as an example to compete. 

I’m using a competitor brand to explain this because you can still follow what Russel Brunson teaches and use GrooveFunnels as your vehicle. What’s better is you can use everything ClickFunnels offers on GrooveFunnels AND every other tool you need, which is precisely why you’re here. 

The Breakdown: What Is GrooveFunnels? 

image 1

GrooveFunnels is a remarkably agile, all-inclusive digital marketing platform.  

This allows marketers to save time between switching software and programs for different tasks.  

GrooveFunnels free plan gives users the upper hand because it provides an organized digital work environment for entrepreneurs with access to all of the apps and tools needed to succeed all in one place.  

Think of it as your jack of all trades when it comes to digital marketing tools. Scaling your business with “GrooveApps” becomes exponentially more comfortable when these programs have been designed to work separately, but also integrate and operate with each other, therefore providing an absolute “all in one” experience. 

Create new projects with saved templates and duplicated pages. One of the main essential tools is the page builder, and GrooveFunnels has done a perfect job. Just like any tool, it takes a little getting used to, and once you do, it’s just another easy drag and drop builder.  

GrooveFunnels is crafted to save the user’s energy and time. Rather than wasting time on technical or third-party apps, you can focus on workflow and crafting the perfect customer journey.   

So from page builders to builders, webinar builders, video hosting platforms, autoresponders, membership sites, funnels, product funnel creation, membership site builders, and everything in between, you can find what you need with GrooveFunnels

This is Groove’s definition of a real SAAS (software application as a service). Plus, it’s pretty simple to pick everything up– it’ll most likely take you several hours to learn how to use the tools and maximizing your productivity. 

Having every tool in one place saves you from the hassle and frustrations of juggling tasks, which means you can accomplish what you sat down to do and have more time to go onto living your life.  

You’ll be able to develop landing pages, produce order forms, and trigger e-mails all from one platform, which means you won’t ever have to worry about having the best product in the market place or learning how to master eight different types of software. 

What Is GrooveDigital? 

GrooveDigital is the parent business of all things Groove, which is broken into three categories: Funnels, Software, and Services.   

 GrooveApps and a software application development company, owned by marketing legend Mike Filsaime.  

GrooveDigital focuses on developing the most powerful, inexpensive, and easy-to-use all-in-one software application service that you can utilize to develop, grow, and handle an online organization. 

GrooveDigital became public with their release of their eCommerce and online selling product called GrooveKart. GrooveKart aims to outplay Shopify and can easily do so because the optimal use of Shopify requires integration to many other software.  

All-in-One platforms and services are now in demand with how many products and competitors are out there, each designed to solve one specific problem in the bigger picture. That’s exactly why Groove wanted to get rid of the traditional approach to SaaS.  

GrooveDigital is the parent company of GrooveFunnels, GrooveSell and GrooveKart. GrooveKart is a stand-alone product and solves a different problem than GrooveFunnels. 

Before Delving Deeper- Learn About My Favorite Aspect of Groove:

Groove Affiliates!

GrooveAffiliates Payments
The Best GrooveFunnels Review 2023 25

Simply by promoting Groove and its services, I’ve also been able to earn income on the side! You can do the same by following the teachings inside the service! What could an extra 9k do for you? It could definitely pay for your Groove Lifetime service!

Become a Groove Affiliate Now!

Why is GrooveApps Essential? 

GrooveApps brings together all the apps that were created under the “Groove” brand name. 

The brand was created to be called “GrooveFunnels,” but the creators weren’t able to get the domain. 

After establishing themselves and gaining traction, they were able to switch from GrooveApps to GrooveFunnels. New users here might experience some confusion on this aspect. 

Throughout this GrooveFunnels Review, I’ll be discussing the various “apps” that are readily available in the platform as the “Grooveapps,” Keep in mind that this case no longer applies to these products.   

The Developers of GrooveFunnels 

  • Mike Filsaime- One of co-founder of GrooveDigital and has been a leader in the software and marketing tool market.  

If you’re unfamiliar, a quick google search will show his credibility with being a creator for Kartra and WebinarJam. 

  • John Cornetta- Known as a long time expert in the print on demand (POD) and Ecom Space.   

John has remained in the online market for numerous years, and his knowledge in the e-commerce industry, mainly, is what value John brings to the table for GrooveFunnels and GrooveDigital. This expertise gives their platform a massive edge over more conventional competitors like Shopify. 

With over 20+ years of expertise with online business, John has been associated with establishing over 50 companies.  

Mattijs Naus 

Today, Mattijs is known as the CTO of GrooveFunnels and has comprehensive knowledge of structure and coding software for online marketers, entrepreneurs, start-ups, and online entrepreneurs. 

Matt Serralta 

Matt Serralta is one of the co-founders of GrooveDigital. His experience in e-Commerce makes him a key player in the growth of the company. You’ll see Matts name floating around for previous software launches; this guy knows what he’s doing. Matt brings ten plus years of experience in high-class sales and upper management. 

How is GrooveFunnels Packaged? 

GrooveFunnels brings together all the tools that will enable you to everything you to build and market your brand. Groove continues to grow and is very responsive to its community base. 

Included in your GrooveFunnels suite, along with their release dates, considering that GrooveFunnels has strategies to add functions and apps, well into the next year 2023: 

  • GrooveCalendar
  • GrooveVideo
  • GrooveMail
  • GrooveDesk
  • GroovePages 
  • GrooveKart
  • GrooveBlog
  • GrooveWebinars
  • GrooveAffiliate 
  • GrooveSell 
  • GrooveSurvey
  • GrooveMember
  • GrooveQuiz
  • GroovePages

GrooveFunnels is unique because it severely disrupted the market by offering its flagship product, GrooveFunnels, entirely free (at least in the meantime). 

How Does Each Groove Service Work? 

GrooveFunnels and GroovePages 

-These are designed to allow you to create websites and funnels that are incredibly sharp, crisp, and stunning. The smooth, intuitive process means you can easily create pages from start to finish, which means you’ll save so much more time as you integrate it into other parts of your funnels and business sequences. 

  • -Progressive Javascript structure, called VUE.JS which is a lot more recent than what other companies use. 
  • -Ability to publish your sites on HTML, which dramatically reduces page loading times and gets you those SEO points that truly matter, which means you can spend time increasing conversions.  
  • -First of its kind because it focuses on mobile-first indexing, which is essential for ranking on Google because deliverability is king. 
  • -Hosted on the best Amazon Servers so you can have 99.9% uptime, which means you’ll never be left high and dry with traffic issues. 
  • -GrooveAffiliate integrates with GroovePages.  
  • -Eager affiliates generate a mass amount of commission directly on all your products, so you have peace of mind knowing there is always a source of members bringing in the sales.   


Simple, practical, and designed to convert visitors to buyers. Watch those clicks turn into sales and handle it all from one spot, starting with initial contact. 

image 2


 It saves you hundreds of dollars in overhead expenditures for your organization, which means more marketing dollars that can be reinvested to your business or yourself! 

If you’re using software or services, simply a ThriveCart, SamCart, PayKickStart, Clickbank, or JV Zoo GrooveSell becomes your one-stop-shop for offering your service or products online.   

Wanna sell eBooks, coaching, training, or courses, or anything else? GrooveSell solves that problem.  


  • Add Checkout Pages, 
  • Upsells 
  • Downsells 
  • Activate Affiliate Programs 
  • much more and all in one convenient place, so that’s more bang for your buck. 
  • Apply advanced techniques to increase dollars per sale.   
  • Order Bumps 
  • 1-click upsells to push those impulsive microtransactions, which means you can maximize your service to your customers. 

GrooveSells tool kit also allows flexible GrooveFunnels pricing structures so you can introduce a free-trial for as long as you’d like or do onetime onboarding fees before switching to monthly upkeep. Heck, if you wanted to do two-year payment plans with one-year installments, that’s readily available for you, which means less time on technical stuff and more time on income-producing activities. 

Okay, here look – Weekly, Biweekly, Monthly, Bimonthly, quarterly, bi-annually, it’s all there so you can set it and move on to the things that matter most. 

Expect to see GrooveSell integrated with every major payment processor. This includes PayPal, Stripe,, and even GroovePayments will be set up in the future to allow Groove to process payments for you at a competitive rate. 

GrooveSell also grows and scales with your business.  

You no longer have to fear for the credit card or PayPal freeze on your account because Groove is designed to provide a larger business that experiences high volumes warnings and load balancing built into the system.   

With your complimentary account, you get: 

  • 1. Endless items 
  • 2. Endless item funnels 
  • 3. Indefinite checkout loads (bandwidth) 
  • 4. Limitless affiliates 
  • 5. Limitless customers 
  • 6. Indefinite assistance 
  • 7. Endless payment entrances 
  • Free for life. 
  • No card needed- ever 
  • No regular monthly fees 
  • No surprise bills 
  • Full function set 
  • Every upgrade forever 

Plus, there’s an exceptional bonus offer of GroovePages Basic, which lets you build pages for up to 3 item funnels.  

That’s enough to create yourself a sales page, checkout page, and thank you page to get the gears churning, which means you can begin to make that income you’ve needed to kickstart your business without hefty initial investments. 

GrooveSell already has a system set up for affiliates to discover and promote your products, which means you don’t have to deal with finding an affiliate network, a manager, and the back and forth of setting up an affiliate program.  

GrooveSell can compete in the market by doing the same thing any other cart can do plus more. 


  • An invaluable tool to have in your arsenal is the Live or Automated features of GrooveWebinars.   

Competitor companies like EverWebinar only specialize in these services.   

GrooveWebinars is currently offered with the Platinum option. 

GrooveFunnels Logo

Other Groove Services 

These tools complete the Groove Suite need to be bought separately. These services include: 


image 9
  • A membership platform/CMS (content management system) allows the creation and delivery of content for your subscribers or members. 
  • Create tiered accounts on multiple levels 
  • Drip content to your members so they don’t feel overloaded 
  • Drag and Drop makes building membership that much easier 
  • Tutorials are provided in the FB Group or GrooveAcademy 
  • Designed to work directly with GrooveSell and GrooveAffiliate, so you don’t have to create a membership site or sales platform in other places.   
  • It comes with styled themes for even faster creation for those who don’t mind keeping it simple.   
  • Directly Link to products in the membership area for quick affiliate sales. 
  • It can be subscription-based.  

As you can see, there are plenty of reasons GrooveMembers will be invaluable to your success. Word on the street is GrooveMembers will be getting certifications, and much more is in the works. 

If you prefer to keep your current membership sites, Groove has kept it simple with integrations. 

If you’re ready to take your membership areas to the next level, then GrooveMembers is for you. 


Blogging app designed to help develop sites in a WordPress style. 

GrooveDigital has set a high goal of eliminating the need for a WordPress site, and they are confident that Groovedigital can be that vehicle. 

If you’ve used WordPress before, you’ll know that the learning curve is steep, but the platform is very flexible. Groove still has the potential to give them a run for their money. Expect to see great SEO from this software.  


GrooveDesk is an integrated support desk system.  

Handle tickets, resolve issues, or delegate it to a team member. This is here for your customer support.  


 Create and implement meetings, calls, classes, or coaching sessions. Book a time, offer your consultation, and keep it friendly and straightforward.   

Link GrooveCalendar to your automated e-mail and follow up sequences in GrooveMail.  

GroovePages (For Shopify) 

image 8

This is a planned release as an integration for the Shopify App. Asa tool it will allow you to develop funnels, checkouts, up/downsells. 

Shopify users will have to subscribe to Groove for $49/mo if they want to integrate this. 


Video hosting at its finest, comparable to Vimeo or Wistia.   

  • Split test 
  • Analytics 
  • Customize Player controls and skins 
  • Modify tags, thumbnails, and so much more. 
  • Easily integrates with all GrooveApps (you can even timestamp a video to send out through GrooveMail’s e-mail based on the actions that a user makes.)   
  • Release for GrooveVideo is right around the corner is approaching quickly. 


  • Virtually an affiliate marketplace similar to top brands such as ClickBank, JVzoo, or warrior plus.   
  • Access to affiliate sign-up and promotions 
  • Leverage your commission rates to boost sales after you’ve tracked commission quantities, refunds, clicks, and more. 
  • Easy navigation means more production and more content for your members or affiliates to consume or promote.  
  • Affiliates will have great relationships with their affiliate managers because of the transparency and belief in their service. 


  • Your CRM automation tool or e-mail autoresponder is similar to brands like MailChimp, InfusionSoft, or GetResponse.   
  • GrooveMail allows for automated e-mail broadcast and follow-up sequences. 
  • An essential tool in building and owning your list, so you have full control of your traffic, which means you don’t have to worry about moving subscribers from one website to another.  
  • It allows you to send out automated broadcast e-mails and follow-up e-mails and will enable you to do behavioral-based e-mail marketing and tagging. Plus, you’ll have the ability to utilize the text and voice broadcasting tools available. 
  • Comparable to ActiveCampaign on the market, GrooveMail is designed for advanced marketing strategies such as applying “if, then” functions that allow you to split test and segment your list to maximize conversions.   
  • An example would be “If missed webinar, then send SMS within a certain amount of time.” 

GrooveSurvey & GrooveQuiz 

Engage with your customer base and see what they want with GrooveSurvey. Integrate these into your funnels and website and use that data to segment your audience even more. 

GrooveQuiz produces online tests and quizzes to boost engagement on landing pages, funnels, websites, and other digital assets. Use these tools to develop your perfect customer avatar and create products or content tailored to their needs, which will establish you as a customer-first authority. Expect to see GroioveQuiz released around 2021. 


image 7

The purpose of GrooveKart is to provide users with an online shopping cart or for selling software. Substitute Shopify with GrooveKart and eliminate all those unnecessary integrations. 

Key features include: 

  • Funnels 
  • Bumps 
  • Analytics 
  • Retargeting 
  • Social Proof 
  • Page Timers 
  • And other essential services to help boost physical items sold on websites. 

GrooveKart is currently not offered or packaged as part of the GrooveFunnels Suite. The only way to get this is by purchasing the Platinum Lifetime Bundle. 


image 10

It allows you to safeguard your Stripe and Paypal so you don’t have to deal with competitive rates and accounts with bad credit, which means you can have peace of mind with selling and reaping the benefits. 

GroovePay is your digital merchant processor with no hidden charges, recurring costs, or cancellation fees, so you can reliably apply to work with them without hesitation. 


Imagine having your all-in-one platform providing you with a comprehensive management service for YouTube, Google, Facebook, and other digital campaigns at a small cost of your ad spend.   

Pricing may be around 10% of a $2500/mo ad spend. If not, this expects to see tiered pricing that will still be a steal considering that might mean you’ll have an in-house team that understands and can navigate an entire suite of software for perfect optimization. 

Ease of Use- GrooveFunnels Evaluation 

GrooveFunnels gives you the option of having a powerful suite in as simple a system as there can be. This means you don’t have to worry about integration issues or to have one service be interrupted.  

Anyone with no technical or marketing background will have a bit of a learning curve but nothing compared to having to learn six different platforms at one time, which means you can focus on getting the result. (Instead of getting caught up in all the technicalities.) 

If you feel like you could use a refresher on the essentials of being a digital marketer, I recommend reading Expert Secrets by Russel. That, combined with his Dotcom Secrets and Traffic Secrets book, will help you skyrocket your GrooveFunnel campaigns. 

GrooveFunnels is the easiest path of resistance for an entrepreneur, and getting the mindset right with Russel will make everything so much easier for you. 

Technical questions are answered in the GrooveAcademy in the FB group. 

The actual funnel process creation in GrooveFunnels is reasonably straightforward. A cohesive menu allows you to navigate and manage all of the moving pieces in an intuitive interface.   

You’ll be using drag and drop features after picking a design template. Like learning any new tool, you’ll have to work your way around understanding e-mail, payment processing, or any other feature.  

The time it will take you to familiarize yourself with the Groove landscape will still come nowhere close to the amount of time you’d have to invest in coding or integrating other platforms, especially since tutorials are readily available.  

As you continue to use GrooveFunnel, you’ll start to see how super simple the software is. Naturally, you’ll be on your way to implementing and learning more advanced marketing strategies to scale.   

The only Con about the software right now is that not everything released, but the upside to that is that you’ll have time to master each new addition to the family as they are released, which means you’ll be learning the in’s and outs much faster.   

Verdict on Ease of Use: 4/5 Stars 

Customizability, benefits, convenience, and essential tools all in one spot. GrooveFunnels is even a great place to start if you have minimal to no technological literacy because of how user-friendly the user interface is.  

Snatch yourself a free GrooveSell Account Today After You Check Out These Savings 

Here are competing leading Cart service costs: 

ThriveCart- $495.00 one-time payment  

PayKickStart – $ 99.00/mo 

SamCart $49.00/mo 

Clickbank $ 49.95 activation {+ addiontal % sale fees and chargers per cash withdrawal. 

JV Zoo 5% commission on all sales large and small and sometimes up to 7.5%. Yikes. 

Why is Groovefunnels free? 

  There’s no catch. When you get your free account, it’s because GrooveFunnels wants to give back to its community and give new and vetted users alike a chance to get up and to run. That means it is your chance to get in on a software that will be closing its Beta doors soon and begin charging competitive pricing. After all, it’s well worth it.   

Don’t miss out on this opportunity; claim your free account here. 

GrooveDigital has accomplished exactly what they were seeking out to do. They’ve provided more than a flimsy e-book. They’ve given all the free tools essential to make a sale with no initial investment, which means that even if you don’t have the time to invest in your business, you’ll still have lifetime free access to what is being offered today. 

All you’ll need to get started is an e-mail. After you’ve set up the account, there’s an active Facebook group waiting for you on the other side. The community is welcoming and very supportive of each other and their progress, which means you’ll be able to connect with other like-minded entrepreneurs from all stages eager to help you take that next step. 

Who is GrooveFunnels for? 

Any individual entrepreneur looking for an all-in-one that can get all the jobs done so that they can invest time in other income-producing activities.  

Any small company or start-ups are seeking to avoid the hassles of tracking monthly payments and accounts on multiple platforms so they can focus on marketing and sales. 

  • Coaches 
  • Network Marketers 
  • B2B services 
  • Funnel Hackers and Builders 
  • E-Mailers 
  • Ecommerce 
  • Digital Marketers  

How do I know if GrooveFunnels is better for me? 

There’s no one perfect platform, but there’s also no other SaaS out there that is all-inclusive like Groove.   

If you’re like me, you’ve probably found something that works and don’t want to switch platforms, which is perfectly fine, there are many uses for GrooveDigital. 

Naturally, some companies that appeal to each customer differently.  

GrooveFunnels has created pre-made funnels and templates crafted for marketers in many of the big niche spaces. 

If you prefer to start from scratch, the option is there for you, and you can easily model their existing funnels.   

Where and How Can I Get Acces To GrooveFunnels? 

Access your free GrooveFunnels account by heading visiting this website here. 

Groove guarantees no credit card required, no optin, or none of that.  

Free access to GrooveFunnels does not have every single app readily available within the GrooveFunnels ecosystem (for obvious reasons). However, you still get access to a few essential tools, and you can do A LOT with just one set up GroovePages website, and a seller/affiliate account. 

Should you choose to upgrade, the link above should allow you to decide which plan you wish to start utilizing.  

You can update or cancel whenever you desire. Is Groovefunnels worth it? For this groovefunnels price, yes!

GrooveFunnels Pricing 

image 3
The Best GrooveFunnels Review 2023 26

With your free account, you’ll be given the option to upgrade before the Beta period closes. 

Once Beta has closed here’s what pricing looks like: 

  • GrooveFunnels Silver $99/mo 
  • GrooveFunnels Gold $199/Mo 
  • GrooveFunnels Lifetime Platinum is a one time Upgrade that may change depending on when you choose to join the exponentially growing community.   
  • GrooveFunnels Silver ($ 99/Month). 
  • GrooveFunnels Silver offers you access to the following tools: 
  • GroovePages PRO
  • GrooveSell
  • GrooveAffiliate
  • GrooveMail
  • GrooveMember
  • GrooveVideo
  • E-mail Leads 
  • E-mail Cart Abandons 
  • E-mail Buyers 
  • E-mail Affiliates 

GrooveFunnels Gold ($ 199/Month). 

GrooveFunnels Gold provides you access to the very same apps as the GrooveFunnels Silver plan: 

  • GroovePages PRO 
  • GrooveSell
  • GrooveAffiliate
  • GrooveMail
  • GrooveMember
  • GrooveVideo 
  • E-mail Leads 
  • E-mail Cart Abandons 
  • E-mail Buyers 
  • E-mail Affiliates 

And in addition, you’ll also get: 

  • GrooveBlog. 
  • GrooveDesk. 
  • GrooveCalendar. 
  • GrooveSurvey. 
  • GrooveQuiz. 

GrooveFunnels Lifetime Platinum ($ $497/month for 3 months). 

GrooveFunnels platinum option will provide you access to the entire suite of apps. Platinum is the most comprehensive and complete version of its software suite. Everything included is listed below:  

  • GroovePages PRO
  • GrooveSell
  • GrooveAffiliate
  • GrooveMail
  • GrooveMember
  • GrooveVideo
  • GrooveBlog
  • GrooveDesk
  • GrooveCalendar
  • GrooveSurvey
  • GrooveQuiz

And furthermore, you’ll also get: 

  • GrooveWebinars Live
  • GrooveWebinars Automated
  • GroovePages for Shopify
  • Instant Access to GrooveKart for eCommerce 
  • GrooveWebinars Live Webinars* 
  • GrooveWebinars Automated Webinars* 
  • And our new App GroovePages for Shopify* 
  • Affiliate Program Upgrade 
  • Affiliate Program 40% (Instead of 20%) 
  • Bonus: 
  • Also, get paid on 2nd Tier at 10% 
  • Plus, Non-Promotional Affiliate Bonus! 

-( GrooveKart *). 

* KEEP IN MIND: GrooveKart is a stand-alone app and is not included in any of the strategies. The platinum Lifetime bundle is the ONLY bundle that includes this product!

GrooveFunnels Platinum Life Time Option 

Your GrooveFunnels Platinum Lifetime Plan gives you access to the entire software suite and all future upgrades and updates.   

Make this upgrade with a onetime investment or take advantage of their payment plan. 

Investing in GrooveFunnels Platinum Lifetime 

Option 1- 3 Month Installments 

First, you can pay $0 today, and beginning in 14 days from your purchase, you’ll pay $497 for 3 months (overall of $1491) and never ever pay once again for any future updates or upgrades. 

Option 2- Groovefunnels pricing plans – 6 Month Installments 

This alternative offers you GrooveFunnels lifetime for 6 regular monthly payments of $288 totaling $1728 and comes complete with all upgrades and updates. 

Option 3- 12 Month Installments 

$188/mo makes your total investment $2256 for the entire suite with every update and upgrade for life.   

What other tools or services are necessary after I purchase GrooveFunnels? 

Truly Absolutely nothing.  

GrooveFunnels Pros and Cons 


These pros and cons are entirely subjective, and what looks suitable for some may not appeal to others. 

  • Robust Software Technology 
  • To put it simply, Groove has put themselves five steps ahead of the game with their all-in-one approach, and they aren’t rushing any of the small details. The tools and Suites look beautiful. 
  • Top-notch pages built in an insanely short amount of time 
  • Crisp, clean workspace, and the intuitive user interface allows you to flow creatively and create spot-on designs.   
  • All-In-One Software Application Platform. 
  • Free up your digital workspace and declutter with less open tabs, less software, and clean organization.   
  • Top-Notch designers, support, and leaders in the company 
  • GrooveFuennels has one of the most surprising communities there is out there based around this kind of service. You know you’re not inside a ClickFunnels feed; that’s for sure. 
  • The leaders like Mike attract vetted players in the game from all realms of the digital marketing space, bringing together such a unique small, friendly, and active group. 
  • Evergreen Vision 


  • Patience is an absolute virtue with Groove, and their Future Release calendar lined up. Don’t get hung up on a specific app or service; there’s plenty to accomplish in the meantime. 
  • The learning curve is naturally there, as you’re going to be working with multiple software at one time, so it’s essential not to get too distracted or caught up in any one particular part of the creation phase.  
  • GroovePages is essential and will require you to nail this software and its perks before anything else. GroovePages has a bit of a learning curve. Most users will not struggle too much or have an issue because of the design templates, but if you wish to master the app, there is an advantage to being familiar with the platform, and this ultimately will help save you time with workflow.  
  • There is no other software as complete as what GrooveFunnels is offering, so you’ll be shifting workflow habits, but this is obviously more of a skillset you’re developing.  
  • Apps are still in development.  
image 5
The Best GrooveFunnels Review 2023 27

They are focused on what matters first: the customer. Most SAAS get carried away by visions of product and technicalities and features they think will be useful but forget to focus on what actually matters to their customer base. GrooveDigital simply has the right drive, vision, and values.  

The fact that they’ve been in Alpha and Beta testing this long and still have unreleased software and features in development speak wonders about their short and long term goals. They’ve got the funds, the right minds, and a potentially dangerous arsenal of products that complement each other flawlessly all at an affordable price for their customer’s needs.  

Not only that, but their customers are also raving fans. 

  • Free SSL for webpages means you don’t even have to deal with the hassle of renewing SSL certificates and blah blah blah… 
  • GroovePages have Drag-and-Drop innovation 
  • GrooveFunnels SDK 
  • compliant with Google’s “Mobile-First Indexing.” 
  • Integrations across many payment merchants and processors such as Paypal, Stripe, Braintree, GrooveSell and many more 
  • SEO friendly. Period. 
  • Future thinking means they’ve one-upped competitors by crafting a well planned out design to have a market for GrooveSell similar to that of ClickBank or JVZoo, but free of charges. 
  • Pages are naturally optimized to load quickly with GroovvePages. 
  • Models after Funnelytics for stats 
  • Custom-made domains 
  • Free hosting 

GrooveFunnels FAQ

Does GrooveDigital cover hosting? 

Yes as well as infinite storage and bandwidth  

Do GroovePages come with SSL? 

Cloudflare allows free integrated SSL certificates.  

Can I / How can I Import Funnels? 

You can. While creating a GroovePage, some options allow you to use integrations to any page.   
Linking to a domain that you own will import text and images as-is. Elements can be edited as needed if you do not verify the content.  

Are Share Funnels an Option with GrooveFunnels? 

E-mail your funnels to whomever you wish. Funnel sharing is standard in the industry. 

How Will GrooveFunnel reports and analytics work? 

GrooveFunnels offers robust reports for you to break down those crunchy numbers! 

Does GrooveFunnels offer A/B split tests? 

In due time this option will be implemented into the service. 

How to make money with GrooveFunnels?

Along with operating your digital business, you can also sign up as an affiliate and promote their product. Groovefunnels affiliate commission’s are extremely viable!

How will Blogs work on GrooveFunnels? 

GrooveBlog will be released specifically for bloggers in 2021; in the meantime, the workaround for that would be some creative linking to created pages… it’s a little bit of work, but it can be done. 

What still remains to be an unreleased GrooveDigital Product? 

Groove AI

Why is GrooveFunnels really free?

Groove aims to lower the barrier to entry, giving everyone a fair chance to have the tools to build their business without the hassle of high monthly fee’s and limited resources.

What about groovefunnels vs leadpages?

LeadPages focuses on Funnels and Groove offers an entire suite of products.

How Will GrooveFunnels integrate with autoresponders? 

With 20 e-mail integrations and more than seven membership sites, GrooveFunnels is adapting and improving its services to its userbase.   

Will GrooveFunnels integrate with automation and reporting software such as PipeDrive, Zapier, or Funnelytics? 

Yes. It will. 

Will GrooveFunnels have a Software Application Development Kit? 

Developers will be able to create their own additions to the platform.  
SDK gives users the power to be their own developers for their products.

GrooveFunnels Vs. Kartra? 

The platforms are similar; Kartra is older and runs on older technology.   
GrooveFunnels has the advantage of mobile-first indexing, which absolutely needed for SEO today.   
GrooveFnnels runs on a better framework, which is cost-effective and agile.    
Groovefunnels offers more than just a sales and an affiliate platform tool.  

GrooveFunnels Vs. ClickFunnels? 

ClickFunnels is excellent, and they do something exceptionally well, which is Funnels. They don’t do e-mail marketing, site branding, they aren’t SEO friendly, or have an excellent affiliate program (any longer). 
Clickfunnels is built on an older structure. Which, to update probably is harder for them to accomplish, than Groove building a brand new infrastructure from the ground.  
GrooveFunnels is essentially Clickfunnels Evolved with better features and more affordable. 

What is GroovePages “Mobile-First Indexing” feature? 

As of early 2020, Google has shifted its focus to usability, site structure, and more practical algorithms. Expect poorly ranking sites if you have slow page load times, and mobile is not optimized.  
GroovePages has changed the game of SAAS funnel and page builders by integrating and constructing websites with mobile-first indexing in mind. 

Is anything else required after purchasing GrooveFunnels? 

No, you can get everything you need with  
everything included in the GrooveFunnels suite.

What can’t GrooveFunnels do? 

As of right now, GrooveFunnels can compete with their rivals and offers an interface that’s intuitive, fast, and comfortable. If there are features you need, chances are, it is already in the works or can be developed.  

Is there a Facebook Group? 

You can stay in touch with the actively growing community and leaders at 

Where do I Report Bugs or inquire about new Features or tools? 

Simply head here: 

Does GrooveFunnel and other GrooveProducts offer an Affiliate Program? 

Yes, users who take advantage of the BETA pricing can have an exclusive 40% affiliate commission on all sales. 

Does it have a CRM? What is GrooveMail, and will it be included in GrooveFunnels? 

Groove provides world-class e-mail marketing service CRM with tags for automation and will also do Text and Voice broadcasting.

Do GroovePages and GrooveFunnel templates convert? 

Nowadays, in this market, it is undoubtedly yes. GrooveFunnels does have lots of design templates churning out stunning designs for the highest conversions!

GrooveFunnels VS. GrooveKart 

GrooveFunnels is an all inclusive platform which includes E-Mail CRM, Sales, Website, Affiliate, Video, Subscriptions, Webinars, Pages, Funnels, Marketplace, and more. 

The goal is to create a digital workstation for a seamless workflow. There are a total of 12 apps that have been released or are in development. 

-GrooveKart is an app for the eCommerce space designed to compete and even outclass its competitor, Shopify.  

Can I create Subscriptions?   

Yes. It is a built-in membership website/ CMS.   

If you want to discover more about GrooveFunnels, check out their product here. 

GrooveFunnels Competitors and Alternative Tools 

Next up, I’ll delve into the SAAS market and the groovefunnels alternatives to GrooveFunnels out there, in case you have an interest in a comparable kind of platform and want to survey all your options. 

Keep in mind it’ll be hard to compare because GrooveFunnels is aiming to offer an all-inclusive platform for an entire digital suite. The following competitors provide a solution in a specific area of the process: 

image 11
The Best GrooveFunnels Review 2023 28


What is the difference between Groovefunnels vs Clickfunnels in today’s market? 

ClickFunnels is an outstanding business with a fantastic leader. They do something well: Funnels. They don’t develop brand websites, do e-mail marketing, but they do have an affiliate program. 

They cost a lot more, and they are not as easy to use. To have the entire ClickFunnels Suite, you need to pay $299 a month. And to get all the other apps from somewhere else, you will be paying anywhere from $500 to $1400 monthly. For that monthly cost, you can get the entire GrooveFunnels Platinum Lifetime Package. 

ClickFunnels is an extremely well-known SAAS developed by Russell Brunson in 2015 and has been the leading software application for online funnels. 

Clickfunnels has a simple UI for funnel building and testing, but they are hosted on their servers, which is a considerable downside because if their servers go down, your product goes down.   

Starting at $97/month, you have extremely limited funnels, website visitors, and hosting limitations. Upgrading to their $297 option unlocks unlimited funnels and integration to their affiliate and e-mail software.   

Many ClickFunnel users are genuinely loyal to the brand not because of how great the software is, but because they focus on what matters most: their customers. 

Outside of that, ClickFunnels doesn’t offer an all-inclusive suite, video hosting, or easily ranked pages for search engines.   

GrooveFunnels are, without a doubt, the best platform for digital online marketers. Now you know, and soon the world will know as well. 


Builderall markets itself as the ultimate internet marketing platform. Its model is to provide users with a Page builder, Funnel builder, app builder, an autoresponder for up to 10k subscribers. Eric Salgado developed it.  

Users prefer Builderall because of its affordable pricing at around $20/month. However, the tools are still incredibly clunky, buggy, and even after a couple of years in the market. 

The peak of their performance was 2018. 

Builderall was too focused on its product and the features and not the customers.  

The platform is still a great alternative, and you can learn more here. 


Kartra has subscription sites, agency functions, leads features, pages, e-mail, calendar, helpdesk, and other neat features. 

To put it simply, Mike Filsaime, co-founded Kartra, helped it achieve success, and is now building GrooveFunnels. This alone shows his innovative approach and desire to develop a product that is up-to-date and competes with the new changing digital landscape.   

From the outside, these two companies may seem like competitors, but in reality, they merely complement the distinctive styles of the customer base.  

Kartra is becoming old and outdated, it’s time for a change, and while Kartra may excel in its Affiliate platform, Groove brings much more to the table.  

To get GrooveFunnels Platinum Lifetime, develop a complimentary Groove account with the button below, and click the “upgrade” button, when visited, and picked the plan best for you. 


GrooveFunnels has big goals and a strong vision. We’ve explained all the GrooveFunnels features, and they have the leaders and experience to know how to cater to the market and their needs so that you can have that competitive each with your brand or product, which means you can have peace of mind when you invest in the platform.   

Expect to see GrooveFunnels and the entire GrooveDigital suite begin to dominate the online marketing space. The long term potential of the Platinum Lifetime plan will easily save you money in the months to come.  

Groove is revolutionizing what it means to offer a Software as a Service (Saas). With some of the most elite leaders in the market, you can count on them to be comparable to every other service in the industry.   

If you are thinking about creating your brand, business, or company, you’ll need access to the best tools available in all forms, and GrooveFunnels is the best option for upcoming marketers which means, you’ll be scaling while others are creating systems.   

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